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Igloo Low Profile Latch

Low Profile Igloo Latch
Item# 24013

Product Description

New for 2008 UNIVERSAL Igloo Latch
  • More Durable
  • Low profile
  • Fewer stress points
  • Fits older models
  • Screws not included
    Igloo Latch Set – Includes 1 Latch and 1 Post.

    Igloo Latch 24013 replaces the old and discontinued 9350 latch. The 24013 latch will work with older Igloo Ice chest and Igloo coolers. The screw pattern is the same. The original latch post will work with new latch. Some older Igloo Ice Chest will need to do some minor modification to install new latch post. (ORIGINAL LATCH POST WILL WORK WITH NEW LATCH)

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