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We pride ourselves in providing authentic Igloo parts and excellent customer service. We know that many outlets may sell Igloo replacement parts but have no understanding of how to repair Igloo ice chest or how to properly install new Igloo latches, Igloo drain plugs, Igloo hinges or even Igloo handles.

Igloo latches have changed over the years but for the most part they mount the same. New latch is mounted in the same screw pattern as the old model 9350 latch. The only difference is the latch post. The old style post was secured to the ice chest with two screws whereas the new one has center screw holding it in place. The placement is the same for both old and new Igloo latches and they are interchangeable. Installing the new plastic latches is a snap. Just line up the two little post on the underside of the latch with the screw holes in the lid and precede secure it with the #8- 5/8 pan head screws. If the existing latch post is in good shape use it if not leave the button in it secure the latch to the lid, close the lid, push the latch flush against the ice chest and run a screw through the center of the post.

The stainless steel latch mounts like the old 9350 latch. Hold it upside down and inside out, screw it in and flip it down and it should cover the screw heads and line up perfectly with the post existing post.

The Igloo hinges whether plastic or stainless mount the same. The screw pattern is the same for all Igloo hinges both old and new. Igloo replacement drain plugs are not interchangeable. If you ice chest has a snap cap you must replace it with the same standard plug. The same holds true for the threaded cap Igloo drain.

Igloo spigots are not interchangeable with either the standard or threaded drain plug.

Igloo replacement ice chest handles come in various different of styles. Please use both quart size and picture in making your purchase selection. Igloo replacement handles overlap the quart size but differ in some chase in design, screw pattern and strength.

It is very import to use the correct Igloo replacement parts because modifying the coolers with the wrong Igloo parts can adversely harm the integrity of the cooler. Never purchase inferior aftermarket Igloo parts.
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