Igloo replacement latches
Igloo replacement latches
Item# 24013a

Product Description

Igloo Latches 24013 (Plastic), 24029A (hybrid stainless / plastic) and 20018 (Stainless Steel) work universally with both old and new Igloo Coolers and Ice Chest. The plastic Igloo latches are only available in white and screws are not inclucded for either style.

Igloo Replacement Latches 24013 or 20018 are designed to be low profile and will work universally with both old and new model Igloo ice chest up to 165 quart coolers. They are perfect for a marine environment. These latches are not interchangeable with other brands of ice chest.

The new Igloo stainless steel latch is installed facing out and flipped up so that when you snap it in place it covers the screws. The standard plastic latch just screws in flush and will line up with the latch post.

Please remember that these latches are not designed to be flipped all the way up or to be used as a means to open the lid.

Igloo replacement latches on this page are priced and sold by the each. An Igloo latch set includes one (1) latch and one (1) latch post. Always use authentic Igloo Latches and be leery of inferior aftermarket copies. Not designed to work with thermoelectric coolers.
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